Obstetrician Services Overview

Obstetricians offer a wide range of services to female patients before after and during pregnancy, labor and delivery as well as post check-ups. Obstetricians are not only concerned with labor and delivery but with the overall health of the reproductive system of the female patient.

What services does a Alpharetta GA OBGYN offer?

Obstetricians offer the following services to their patients:

– Sexual check-ups

This includes testing for STI’s and an overall check to see that the patient is engaging in safe sex/is in a safe sexual relationship.

– Reproductive health checks

These comprise of checks to see if the patient is fit to carry a pregnancy, or has suffered any trauma to the reproductive system, from illness, infection or injury.

– Infertility treatment

For those who cannot reproduce, there are treatment options such as hormone injections, or IVF (in vitro fertilization)

– Pap smears

Pap smears are scrapings taken of the cervix and vagina to test for the presence of cancer.

– Surgical reconstruction of  the clitoris

For those unlucky enough to have been violated by religious or cultural practices such as female genital mutilation, an obstetrician can reverse the circumcision.

– Cervical and vaginal cancer screening

This is similar to a pap smear, but the doctor may also test for cancer genes

– Pelvic exams

The pelvic exam offers the doctor a chance to check that everything inside of the patient is sitting where it should be, and there are no infections or other medical
problems in the general area.

– Ultrasounds

The doctor may perform ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, or to look for medical issues such as cysts, lumps and fibroids.

– Blood work

Obstetricians perform blood work for a host of conditions. If you are feeling run down, he or she can test your blood and check iron and other levels.

– Genetic testing

If you are in fear of, or there is a family history of reproductive cancers, then the doctor can perform genetic testing to look for markers such as BCA (the breast cancer gene).

– Breast examinations

Breast examinations can be performed by the obstetrician to check for surface signs of breast cancer, or other conditions that affect the breast, such as mastitis.

Obstetricians are one of the most important doctors a woman will ever form a relationship with. They are not just baby catchers; they are advocates for the health of women the world over.